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God Is with You in the Waiting-S4Ep4

November 26, 2019

This podcast covers Lesson 3 of Profiles of Perseverance Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

God Is with You in the Waiting

Joseph found himself in prison. At this point in his life Joseph was left with two choices: 1) go through the situation on his own or 2) by faith go through it with God. God always responds to people of faith. Believe it or not, prison was once again God’s rescue of Joseph from a bad situation.

And, God was with him there. God showed him kindness there. And granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden. Joseph chose to persevere there and function well there. In the prison. In the confinement. Not of his choosing. But, where he found himself to be. That’s where he needed to trust God and function well. It was a place not only of rescue from the bad situation but also a place of maturation for Joseph’s future. A place of waiting. And, God was in the waiting, too.

God is in the waiting

“You are in the waiting in that moment of my life, when my faith and hope collide. My heart’s anticipating just how and when You’ll move. Oh, that’s when You prove You are in the waiting too” (“In the Waiting” by Shannon Wexelberg)

  • God waited 22 years until the right conditions were in place before He moved Jacob and clan to Egypt.
  • Jesus waited for more than 10 years after He became a man for the timing to be ripe, to be perfect, to begin His ministry. During that waiting time, Jesus worked alongside His father in the family business. Like Joseph, He functioned well. Jesus understands how you feel when you are “in the waiting.”

Waiting binds us together with the lord

  • The Hebrew word most commonly used to wait upon the Lord is a word that means “to hope and expect.” It also means “to bind together as in tying together loose ends.” How does waiting bind us together with the Lord?
  • Waiting on the Lord will make us stronger because waiting teaches us about God and His timing. “I will watch expectantly for the Lord (Micah 7:7).” During those times of waiting, our ear is more attuned to how God is working. That binds us with Him.
  • Waiting on the Lord makes us available to talk with Him in prayer. When we seek God for a solution in our lives, these times of waiting strengthen our relationship with Him as we learn to rely on His timing and trust in His goodness. It binds us together with Him.
  • Waiting does not mean to just do nothing. While we are trusting Him, we continue moving forward, functioning well in life. Just like Joseph did.
  • Waiting doesn’t just bind us together with God but also prepares us for what is next.

Waiting prepares us for what is next

  • During the time of waiting, Joseph learned that it pays to have a good reputation. He became more efficient at managing people and supplies. He trusted God more and recognized God’s presence with him. He learned how to function well in the midst of loneliness, opposition, temptation, restriction, disappointment, success, and opportunity.
  • Joseph had to wait patiently for God to act. We also must wait for God’s “always perfect” timing in answer to our prayers.

If you consider that God is in the waiting with you and that waiting binds you together with Him, does this change your perspective of waiting? It could be God rescuing you from a bad situation. Or, God preparing you for a specific task that will impact many people. It could be God teaching you how to trust Him and rely on Him more than on yourself. And, He is in that waiting, too. That should give you hope.

“For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope (Romans 15:4, NASB).”

We can have hope because we have God with us. So, remember our lane markers for the race.

#1. Choose to persevere through every challenge.

#2. Count on God’s promise to give you hope.

#3. Let that hope sustain you through the rough-and-tumble of life.

#4. Celebrate the joyful reward.

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with hope so you can persevere through life.

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