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Godly Women Are Known by What They Do-S14Ep7

July 30, 2020

This podcast covers Lesson 6 of Adorn Yourself with Godliness Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

Godly Women Are Known by What They Do

Luke chapter 8 tells us about a group of women who followed Jesus, traveling with Him and supporting the whole group of twelve disciples and their master out of their own resources. Their devotion to Him was expressed in a life that reflected Him and was pleasing to Him. What they started continued through the establishment of the New Testament church.

#1: Godly women stay useful to God as they grow old.

  • Putting our hope in God, having Christ-like behavior, sharing Christ with nonbelievers, and doing good deeds for others has no retirement age.
  • The righteous still bear fruit in old age, staying fresh and green. To stay fresh and green means to stay faithful to the Lord and useful to Him in bearing fruit. It is the opposite of developing hardened hearts. Psalm 92:12-15
  • Older women adorned with godliness stay tuned to the needs of the women around them—all ages, young to old—and desire to reach them and teach them. They approach their Bible study with fresh eyes every day, looking for new things the Lord will be teaching them and thinking how they can share that with someone who needs to know it. Older women adorned with godliness stay aware of God’s presence and work in their lives giving them a new song to share with others, not just what He did years ago.
  • Staying fresh and green is a heart attitude and a choice we must make even through declining physical and mental capabilities. Older women can still adorn themselves with godliness just as much as any younger person can.

#2: Godly women take care of their own.

  • A godly woman takes care of those within her own household or sphere of responsibility. 1 Timothy 5:4, 16.
  • Women who lived back then were women like we are today in many every day aspects of life. They had many of the same duties. And, they also had the same weaknesses that we have as women, including betrayal, direct verbal assault, jealousy, and backbiting.
  • A woman adorning herself with godliness will put off those things that cause friction in the household or family and show kindness and forgiveness instead. When you are able to do this, then you are free to love those in your household who may not be easily lovable. You choose to love and care for those in your family, extended family, or other because of your devotion to God. Ephesians 4:32

#3: Godly women influence children for Christ.

  • The first example of a good deed listed in 1 Timothy 5:10 is “bringing up children.” The Holy Spirit spoke through Paul to include this.
  • Bringing up children can refer to children belonging to you or the children of others.
  • A godly woman takes the opportunity presented to them to have an influence on children to trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him with their lives.

#4: Godly women use their social skills to benefit the Body of Christ.

  • God created women to be social. Women are pretty good at building relationships with other women. After all, we have to share those 20,000 words per day with someone!
  • Since God gave us this gift, He has the right to use it for His purposes. From 1 Timothy 5, we see that one of His purposes is to care for His people.
  • God uses our social skills to care for His people by showing hospitality. Hospitality is opening up your home to share it with others.
  • God also uses our social skills in serving one another in the local church. Washing the saints’ feet just because a figure of speech for humble service in the church family.
  • God uses our social skills to help others in trouble. Usually, it is through women that needs in the body get known to the church staff. And, women are the ones who jump right in and meet the need.


From 1 Timothy chapter 5, we can walk away with four applications for sure as we adorn ourselves with godliness.

  • Godly women stay useful to God as they grow old. They don’t retire from His service nor should they let themselves grow hardened and self-centered.
  • Godly women take care of their own. They do what they can to resolve relationship conflicts with other women in their families and love on them even when those other women are hard to love.
  • Godly women influence children for Christ in whatever manner and in whatever settings they are able to do so.
  • And, godly women use their social skills to benefit the Body of Christ, serving others with humility and respect and taking care of needs that arise whenever possible.

“She has done a beautiful thing to me. … She did what she could.” (Mark 14:6,8)

That applies to all Christian women. From a heart that is devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ, we should do what we can for Him. How we live out our love for Him will be a beautiful thing to Him.


Let Jesus satisfy your heart with such love for God that you will want to live a life that pleases Him.


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