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Jesus Demonstrated God’s Love for Women-S10Ep6

April 9, 2020

Jesus Demonstrated God’s Love for Women

Jesus is a personal God who brings hope.

  • When you look at what happened, you see that Jesus wouldn’t allow “Dottie” to recede into the crowd without public assurance that she is permanently healed because of her faith. Jesus called her, “Daughter,” indicating she had a new relationship with God plus so much more. God always does more than we ask or think. Jesus satisfied Dottie’s heart with hope, healing, and love.
  • As He took time out from His busy schedule to minister to two women personally, including a 12-year-old girl, Jesus demonstrated God’s love for women so radically different from that of His culture.

Jesus demonstrated God’s love for women.

  • It was tough to be a woman living around the rim of the Mediterranean Sea at that time. In both Greek and Roman cultures, women held a second-rate status with few legal rights. Jewish women fared better than their Roman counterparts.
  • The Lord Jesus demonstrated in His life on earth how much He loved and valued women. He taught them truth about God, forgave them for their sins, accepted them in His circle of followers, and gave new life to them after His resurrection. His care for them was so countercultural to what they had previously known.
  • What you see in the Gospels is that Jesus never spoke condescendingly to women, never made derogatory jokes about them, nor did He ever humiliate them. Women who knew Him loved Him. They wanted to follow and serve Him! You can see all this in my 2 New Testament Women Bible studies: Live Out His Love and Satisfied by His Love.
  • In the gospels, you see that Jesus treated women as no man had ever treated them before His time. His warmth, personal attention, tenderness, sound teaching, and compassion toward women were revolutionary.

Jesus is the one who understands women

  • As Creator, He designed us with a mind to know God, emotions to love God, and a will to obey God. That comes in the package we receive at birth.
  • Our female minds need to be filled with the knowledge of Him so that our hearts may respond with great love for Him, and our wills can choose to obey Him.
  • Jesus knows us backwards and forwards. He knows our emotional nature, our need for security and significance, and even our hormones! He understands our need to nurture and to be loved.
  • A relationship with Jesus satisfies every spiritual need that you have. You don't need to go anywhere else to get those deep needs satisfied.

Jesus teaches us to be God-dependent women.

  • Our God wants for us to be God-dependent women all the time. This is true for men, too.
  • Being God-dependent all the time is so radically different from what our western culture has taught us most of our lives—that we should not depend on anyone or anything for our success. To unlearn what we have learned might involve turning away from some voices in social media, channels, books, and blogs that contribute to the illusion that you are a stronger woman if you are totally self-reliant.
  • How does this relying on God fit our lives as women today?
  • Being God-dependent doesn’t mean we are supposed to stay like babies not doing anything for ourselves. We are supposed to grow and mature in our thinking and behavior.
  • Being God-dependent doesn’t mean we are supposed to just lie back and let anything happen to us. The New Testament teaches Christians to be wise and proactive in our dealings with everyone—whether in the church or outside of it—for our own good as well as for the good of others.
  • Being God-dependent doesn’t mean we are not supposed to use our skills, talents, advantages, and opportunities to be the best women we can be. Our God wants us to give back to Him all those skills, talents, advantages, and opportunities He has given to us and then use them for His glory.
  • The key to being a God-dependent woman is dependent living. Whatever He brings into our lives that makes us more dependent upon Him is good for us.

Human parents raise their children to be less dependent on them and more independent of them. But, God raises His children to be less independent of Him and more dependent on Him.

  • Dependent living is not weakness. It is being stronger and having more influence, success, and satisfaction than you could ever have through your own efforts.
  • Because you know He loves you, you can have confidence in what the Lord Jesus Christ will do in your life so that you will want to depend on Him more than on yourself. You learn how to do this as you respond to God’s love for you, act in obedience to the Word of God, depend on Jesus Christ for the power to do that, and trust Him with the results.

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with hope, healing, and love as you get to know Him and trust Him more each day.

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