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Shunammite-Declare God’s Faithfulness-S1Ep11

September 9, 2019

This podcast covers Lesson 10 of Everyday Women, Ever-Faithful God Bible Study and Lesson 6 of The Walk from Fear to Faith Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

Shunammite Woman—Declare God’s Faithfulness

God uses us as light-bearers to declare His faithfulness and lead other people to Him.

Light-bearers declare God’s faithfulness

“You are … a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

  • We are chosen to be God’s mouthpiece to the world around us like the prophets of the Old Testament. Our purpose is to declare what He has done in our own lives to those who cannot see the light, to those still gripped by fear. Do you know someone like that? Do you remember being like that?
  • Evidence of human distress is everywhere around us. Women are in bondage to guilt, fear, destructive behavior, fatigue and disappointment. Any wrong views they have about God leave them feeling empty, confused, and without meaning and purpose. Failure in relationships leaves women with a sense of rejection, worthlessness and extreme loneliness. As people walk around in their blindness-darkness, they are groping along the walls to find their way to a door that will free them of their fear and give them purpose in life. God’s plan to meet that need for every woman is a relationship with Himself through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Our God sent His Son Jesus into the world to lead the way out of the darkness. In fact, Jesus declared Himself to be the light of the world, giving sight to the spiritually blind. But, now He chooses to use us—frail, faltering, headstrong, often self-centered humans. He chooses messy people to be his light-bearers and messengers of love to the blind and fearful people on this earth.
  • We are called to say, “The light is this way. Let me help you find the light. God is waiting to rescue you from your prison of fear and darkness and bring you into His wonderful light. You will find warmth and peace and enjoy a life of freedom and joy with Him.”
  • We communicate to those around us who are enshrouded in darkness that God is real and available to anyone who wants Him.

The Gospel is the good news about God’s faithfulness

  • The Gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ coming to earth to save us from our sins. Christianity is Christ! It’s all about a relationship with Him.

“Jesus Christ laid down His life for you so that he could give His life to you so that he could live His life through you.” (Major Ian Thomas, The Saving Life of Christ)

  • If you have opportunity to tell someone one thing, tell her about Jesus.
  • Tell her that God loves her and wants a relationship with her. But, sin separates her from God’s love.
  • Tell her that Jesus is God, who came to earth as a man, and died for her sins.
  • Tell her that she can be completely forgiven of her sins and receive eternal life with God simply by believing in Jesus as her Savior.
  • That is the gospel. It’s a treasure that we have. And, it is too powerful and valuable to keep to ourselves. We must share it!

Declare your story of God’s faithfulness

  • People love to hear stories. As you have learned to trust God’s goodness in whatever things that are threatening you or causing you fear, and journaled about it, you now have a story to share. It’s your personal story about your faith in a faithful God. Sharing your story is a simple way to speak about God’s love for you and how He works in your life. You can bring hope to someone who needs it.
  • How did you first hear about Jesus? Did someone tell you? We get the awesome privilege of sharing that good news with others. There is tremendous joy in reaching out to those who do not know Jesus and introducing them to Him so they can know Him just as you now know Him.
  • Imagine you had cancer and were chosen to be part of a special test group for a new cure. The treatment cured all of your cancer completely free of charge. What is the first thing you would do after you were healed? You would blast it all over Facebook, telling all of the other cancer victims about this great cure! Well, sin is a cancer affecting every single person. And you have been cured—forgiven of your sins—by your faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Do you remember how you felt before you believed in Jesus? Maybe you felt lonely, guilty, and without hope. The entire world is lost without Him. Jesus chooses to have His followers tell His story—what He does for them and through them.

You have a story to share about your walk from fear to faith. Your story illustrates the power of God in your life. It illustrates His faithfulness to you that helped you let go of your fear and trust His goodness. You do not need to be an expert in the Bible or have years of experience as a Christian. Just share what you know.

God will continue to show His faithfulness to you as you walk from fear to faith.

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