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The Walk from Fear to Faith-4 Essential Truths-S1Ep2

September 9, 2019

This podcast covers Lesson 1 of Everyday Women, Ever-Faithful God Bible Study and Lesson 1 of The Walk from Fear to Faith Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

The Walk from Fear to Faith—4 Essential Truths

Fear is a normal human emotion designed by God to alert us to danger so that we will take action against it.

When we look at life just with our own eyes, we become fearful, pessimistic, & negative. But, when we look at the Bible and see how God helped everyday people like you and I, the Holy Spirit takes the Word of God to strengthen us and give us courage that we didn’t know we had.

As you join these Old Testament women on their faith walk, you will see consistent truths that you can embrace and apply to your life today in your walk from fear to faith. You can count on them.

Truth #1: God Loves You

John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus, so you could believe in Him and receive eternal life. You are part of that world that God loves. And, once you accept His gift of eternal life through your faith in Jesus, you get even more of God’s love for you.

Paul wrote in Romans chapter 5 verse 5 that God pours out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

As a believer in Jesus, the Father Himself loves you. He pours out His love into your heart so you can experience that love. You can count on Truth #1 — God loves you.

Truth #2: God Knows What Is Going on in Your Life

Jesus knew that His followers were stressing about food, clothing and shelter. Those were essentials for daily life. So He told them in Matthew 6, “your heavenly Father knows that you need them.” He knows your needs

In Psalm 139, David describes how God is everywhere and knows everything about him. And, that is true for you. God knows what is going on in your life. And in my life. If He doesn’t, then He isn’t really God. He knows your needs and how best to meet those needs. You can count on Truth #2 — God knows what is going on in your life.

Truth #3: God Can Do Something About It

 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” That’s what the angel of the Lord asks Sarah in Genesis 18. Since the angel lives in heaven with God, he should know. So, is anything impossible for the Lord? The answer is, NO! Another angel declared the same thing to Mary in Luke chapter 1. “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Both of these statements are made to women. We need that assurance, don’t we? Our God is all-powerful. He is capable of doing anything He chooses to do that is in agreement with His character and His purposes. We can count on Truth #3 — God can do something about IT. Whatever IT is.

Truth #4: You Can Trust His Goodness In Whatever He Chooses To Do

Now, this is the sticky part. Can I believe that God is always good? The Bible says in Psalm 119 that God is good, and what He does is good.

The day before my dear friend died of breast cancer, she softly spoke these words to me, “God is good.” I finished her sentence with “all the time” because I had heard her say that repeatedly. God is good all the time. She replied, “I don’t understand all of this.” Who does?

Here’s some wisdom from Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;”

It is a choice to trust God and bank on His goodness.

So, here’s Truth #4 — You can trust His goodness in whatever He chooses to do!

As we study each of these women and let them teach us, we’ll see that during their faith walks, a loving God said “no” to some things. Yet, they chose to trust Him rather than submit to fear. And, God rewarded their faith with an outpouring of His blessing in other ways. You and I can do the same.

Dear friends, God may not choose to rescue you from everything that is threatening you. But, in any and all situations, embrace these four truths essential to your walk from fear to faith…say them, making them personal.

  • God loves me 
  • God knows what is going on in my life 
  • God can do something about it 
  • I can trust His goodness in whatever He chooses to do 

You can count on those to lead you on your walk from fear to faith!

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