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Naomi, Ruth-Life Should Not Be Lived Alone-S1Ep7

September 9, 2019

This podcast covers Lesson 6 of Everyday Women, Ever-Faithful God Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

Naomi & Ruth—Life Should Not Be Lived Alone

When you are facing any situation that is tough or is frightening, God doesn’t intend for you to face it alone.

The book of Ruth illustrates that life should not be lived alone

  • Life seems much harder when we are alone. Fear multiplies when we are alone. When we are facing any situation that is tough or is frightening, God doesn’t intend for us to face it alone.
  • The Holy Spirit places you in the Body of Christ from the very moment you say yes to Jesus so that you are connected to other believers. It is essential that you connect yourself to other believers.
  • A grieving Naomi started to pull away from the people she knew the best and was isolating herself. God placed Ruth there, and Ruth wasn’t going to let Naomi be by herself.

Why and how women isolate themselves

  • Women isolate themselves from others when they’re experiencing trouble. Sometimes grief. Sometimes when going through marital strife. Sometimes after a move to a different location where they don’t know anyone.
  • Women give up on the church community and don’t feel like they need to be part of a local church. The bad behavior of Christian leaders that hits the news may be their excuse. Or, they may have been wounded by a church member and walk away so as not to be wounded again.

Why you shouldn’t isolate yourself

  • Christians need each other for warmth and encouragement. Romans 1:12 says that we get mutual encouragement from one another as we are together. Everyone needs that.
  • And, a local church community with good biblical teaching can keep you safe from false teaching. Pastors and teachers who love Jesus will help you grow in your Christian life as they feed you the spiritual food of the Bible and help you to know God better.
  • Being part of a church family also helps you learn how to love others and their differences. Jesus knows the difficulty we all have at times with one another. Our relationship with Him does not prevent us from having misunderstandings or differences of opinion. Sometimes these relational challenges tempt us to harbor grudges against someone with whom we differ. Or, they tempt us to isolate ourselves from the whole community. Neither of these is healthy for you. Isolation will lead to stunted spiritual growth and a lack of joy in your life.
  • Galatians 6:2 says that we are to bear one another’s burdens. We do that by being together, doing life together.

Are you trying to do life alone? Find community.

  • Admit your God-given need for community. Take action.
  • Find a local church that presents Jesus Christ as the Son of God and faith in Him alone as the only way to be saved and have a relationship with God.
  • Find a church that honors the Bible as God’s Word, completely true, and the guidebook for life and decision-making.
  • Find a church that encourages you to personally follow Jesus as His disciple and grow stronger in your faith.
  • Then, join a small group within that community and get connected. Share your life with others. Let them encourage you and bear your burdens while you do the same for them. Praise God together as you see him work in your lives.

Are you well-connected? Pay attention and come alongside the lonely one.

  • Praise God for the joy of being well-connected. Pay attention and come alongside someone who may be isolated and lonely, trying to face life on her own.
  • Pay attention just means to listen to how she describes herself or her life. Make mental note to find out more about her.
  • Then, come alongside her. Invite her to join you for something during the next week—early before work, during the day, after supper—doesn't matter. Just find a time that works and do it. Share a little of your stories when you get together. Find out where she is in her walk of faith. Connect her with others who might have similar interests or needs. Bring the community together around her.
  • Please do not try to do life alone. Think about what happens when you burn wood in a fireplace or fire pit. You can easily see that logs burn more brightly when they’re placed together. But separate one log from the rest, and pretty soon it will grow cold. The same is true about us. Christians need each other for warmth and encouragement.

When you are facing a situation that is tough or is frightening, God doesn’t intend for you to face it alone. That is a huge part of our walk from fear to faith.

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