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The Gifts of the New Creation, Part 1-S8Ep6

March 18, 2020

This podcast covers Lesson 1 of The God-Dependent Woman Bible Study.

The Gifts of the New Creation, Part 1

As a direct result of Christ’s finished work on the cross, our relationship with God is changed because of our faith in Jesus Christ. This change is described by six terms that are sometimes called the “words of the cross.” They are gifts we receive as new creations in Christ.

Word of the Cross #1 is Propitiation. It means that “God’s holy wrath against sin is fully satisfied.”

  • God's wrath is His decision to preserve His creation by destroying whatever would destroy it—sin and evil. Just like you destroy viruses invading your safe home environment.
  • God’s wrath is far more serious, of course. Sin is much more awful with far more destructive consequences than the flu virus. And, sin hampers our relationship with God. He had to do something to restore the relationship.
  • Our loving God took action. God presented Christ as a sacrifice of propitiation for our sins, a word that means to be appeased, to be satisfied. Therefore, God’s holy wrath against all sin is fully satisfied by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. Because of that, God is able to extend mercy to every believer in Christ. Romans 3:25; Romans 5:9
  • There is no longer any sacrifice that anyone can ever do to satisfy God’s wrath against sin apart from what Christ has already done. It’s done, finished!
  • Because you’ve trusted Christ and are now found in Christ, you can know and live with confidence that God is fully satisfied…no longer angry at your sin—ever!

Word of the Cross #2 is Reconciliation. It means that “Our relationship with God is restored.”

  • All people have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Before Christ came, we were alienated from God—having a broken relationship with our Creator. Romans 3:23
  • God restored our broken relationship with Him by reconciling us to Himself through Jesus’s death on the cross. It’s complete reconciliation, never to be broken again. Colossians 1:20-22
  • God chose to do that out of his love for us. Romans 5:10
  • God has given us the ministry of reconciliation to extend His invitation to others. And, the same power of reconciliation is available to you through Christ for your relationships with others. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19
  • Since you’ve trusted Christ and are now found in Christ, you can know and live with confidence that your relationship with God is restored…no longer broken because of sin.

Word of the Cross #3 is Redemption. It means that you are “purchased out of bondage to sin and released into freedom to serve God.”

  • Every human born on this planet is born into bondage to the kingdom of darkness, sin, and the empty way of life we get from human traditions. Colossians 1:13; 2:8; Romans 6.
  • In Mark 10:45, Jesus declared that He came to give His life as a ransom for many—to pay the purchase price out of our slavery to sin with His blood. But, more than that, we have been released into freedom to serve God with our bodies and souls in obedience to Hm.
  • Out of His love and His purpose for us, God rescues us from the dominion of darkness and from all wickedness. He does this to release us to be purified as a people that are His very own, eager to do what is good, and to serve Him as His representative to others. Colossians 1:13; Titus 2:14
  • He rescues us from this earthly body with sin still assaulting us and releases us at death when He gives us a new, perfect body, fashioned for life in heaven with God. 2 Corinthians 5:1-10
  • Because you’ve trusted Christ and are now found in Christ, you can know and live with confidence that you are now released…no longer in bondage to sin and guilt.

Do my happiness, health, and blessings in life depend on obedience to God?

True or False? “Your happiness and your health and your blessings in this life depend on your obedience to God!”     FALSE

Obedience to God does give us protection from some of the consequences of sin. But, if happiness is based on good happenings, obedience does not guarantee that. This is a false teaching, slanted to making you guilty for lack of obedience to God if bad things happen to you.

Reasons why God wants us to depend on Him more than on ourselves

  • So we can live for Him rather than for ourselves. (5:15)
  • He’s made us into a new creation. (5:17)
  • We are His ambassadors and speak for Him. (5:19-20)
  • He exchanges our sin for Christ’s righteousness. (5:21)
  • We are His servants. (6:4)
  • So we respond to troubles in a godly manner. (6:4-9)
  • Our lives influence others. (6:10)

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with confidence that you can depend on Him. Then, live each day as a God-dependent woman!

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