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The Need for Perspective-S13Ep1

June 17, 2020

This podcast is an introduction to Perspective Bible Study by Melanie Newton.

The Need for Perspective

The story

When the apostle Paul wrote the letters that we know as 1 and 2 Thessalonians, he had been a Christian for more than 15 years. From the beginning, Jesus told Paul that he was to go to those who were called Gentiles (non-Jews) and preach the gospel to them.

On his second missionary journey, God directed their movements first to northern Greece to the cities of Philippi and Thessalonica. Then, they went to southern Greece to the cities of Athens and Corinth. It is from Corinth that Paul wrote two letters back to the Thessalonians.

Gain perspective

Perspective is an objective assessment of any situation, giving all aspects their comparative importance.

We all need perspective to help us successfully navigate through the challenges of daily life.

Gaining perspective is like sharpening your focus with a lens. Sharpening your focus not only clears up blurry vision, but it can also help you to see something at a distance that you were not able to see. You get a glimpse of where you are heading. Paul’s letters to the Thessalonian Christians helped them gain perspective about many issues of life.

From the moment Paul entered their city, the Thessalonians knew him as being well-educated and a tent-making craftsman. They knew that he was determined, bold, convinced of the truth of Christ, and very committed to Jesus’ calling on his life. He was a gifted teacher and loved God’s people almost as much as he loved God Himself. Paul reminded them of that in 1 Thessalonians to help sharpen their focus on who he was and what kind of relationship he had with them. They could trust his words.

There were no cell phones or email for Paul. He depended upon letters and eyewitness accounts for his information about all the churches. You’ll see evidence of this in the Thessalonian letters.

Biblical perspective on life is God’s perspective on life. Paul helped the Thessalonians gain God’s perspective on the persecution they were suffering at the hands of their neighbors. When you sharpen your focus to gain perspective, you get…

…the ability to see God’s presence, to perceive God’s power, and to focus on God’s plan in spite of the obstacles. (Chuck Swindoll, Insight for Today devotional, May 19, 2017)

Biblical perspective on life helps you grow in confidence because you learn that your self-worth is not derived from any human being but from God.

Biblical perspective about death and the future gives you hope and assurance of your future with Christ in eternity. You will not fear death as those who have no hope.

Knowing the future hope gives you God’s perspective on life that you need in your world today. For now, you must live and work in this world. Paul's letters to the Thessalonians have a lot to say about that.

When you gain the biblical perspective on who God is, what it means to live your life to please Him, and what He has planned for your future, you get a security in Him that allows you to rest and enjoy life today. And, you will be able to serve God with greater enthusiasm and freedom to impact your world for Him.

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with His perspective on life in the present and in the future. Then, live securely in Him during this time of waiting.

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