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The Promise of Graceful Living-S9Ep1

March 30, 2020

This podcast introduces the Graceful Living Bible Study.

The Promise of Graceful Living

What is grace?

  • Biblical grace is God giving favor to someone, not because they are good enough to deserve it but because His love chooses to do so. God’s grace springs from God’s love.
  • The Bible says that God’s grace is so abundant it’s like a cup overflowing. 1 Timothy 1:13-14
  • God’s invitation to you and your acceptance of it is wrapped up in one phrase—by grace you are saved through faith.

By grace you are saved through faith

 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9)

By grace you are saved through faith. Three important words in that phrase explain the basis of your salvation and why you can be confident in it—grace, saved, and faith.

God gives His GRACE.

  • Biblical grace is God giving favor to someone, not because they are good enough to deserve it but because His love chooses to do so. Grace is a free gift from God that you accepted when you received Christ through faith.
  • Our faith begins with receiving the love of God and understanding it in the Gospel. We start with how much God loves us. Then, we see His love in His grace to us. 1 John 4:19
  • God’s grace is His undeserved favor abundantly poured out on those who desperately need Him and respond to Him by faith.

By God’s grace, you are SAVED.

  • To be saved means “to be rescued, spared from disaster.” When you receive Christ, you are rescued from spiritual death and eternal separation from God.
  • You can know that you have a secure and personal relationship with God because you are saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

You are saved through FAITH in Jesus Christ.

  • Faith is placing your trust in God and His Word. It is a full commitment to Christ.
  • It is by faith alone that you are saved. Ephesians 2:9
  • If you were standing before God and He asked you, “Why should I let you into my heaven?” Now, you can say, “I know I am saved by your grace through my faith in your Son Jesus Christ.” You are in!

When you trust in Christ for your salvation, God’s grace is abundantly poured on you. And, with that grace comes so many blessings and benefits.

The promise of graceful living

Graceful living is for everyone who has accepted God’s gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Your salvation is an undeserved gift from God. You cannot earn it. You can’t win it. You only receive it by faith.

  • “Graceful living” begins and continues through Jesus Christ. He gave His life for you by grace, so He could give His life to you by grace, so He could live His life through you by grace.
  • “Graceful living” is life overflowing with His grace giving you rest from trying to earn God’s favor. Matthew 11:28-30
  • “Graceful living” is knowing Christ’s love for you and letting that love motivate you to live for Him in obedience.
  • “Graceful living” leads you to serve Christ through serving others. That’s letting His life in you overflow to others around you, especially those who need to know Him.
  • “Graceful living” is seeing your transformation from being a selfish, sinful being into having the likeness of Jesus Christ Himself. God’s Holy Spirit does this to us from the inside out. We grow up into mature Christians who are beautiful in God’s sight and bring His glory to everyone around us.

This Graceful Living Bible Study will help you build a foundation for successful, enjoyable Christian living based on God’s grace to you and for you. Understanding God’s grace given to you is essential to enjoying the life that God has planned for you. That’s the promise of “Graceful Living.”

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with His grace so that your life overflows with His grace every day. You will experience a life of freedom and joy!

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