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Walking Home with Jesus-S10Ep4

April 9, 2020

Walking Home with Jesus

Home is where you live—where you do life together with family and friends. Jesus made Himself at home among His new neighbors. And, He does the same thing with us. Mark 2:1; John 14:23

Enjoying Jesus’ presence at home (Peter’s house)

  • Scholars and tradition strongly hold that Peter's house became “the house of Jesus” whenever Jesus was in Capernaum.
  • In that house were Peter and Andrew, plus Peter's wife—let's call her Mrs. Peter—and Mrs. Peter’s mother (Mark 1:30) and probably a few children.
  • What do you think it was like for Mrs. Peter to experience Jesus’ presence in her home? Of course, there were the fun things like great conversation around the dinner table! What about how He healed her mom? That’s answered prayer, isn’t it? Jesus not only ate meals that she prepared, He also befriended her husband and discipled him to be a more mature man. And, she got to learn from Him herself as He taught in her home.

To enjoy Jesus’ presence in your home means to accept it as an absolute fact.

  • When you and I hear the good news of Christ and put our faith in Him, the Holy Spirit, who’s called the Spirit of Christ, comes to live inside of you and me. We become united with Jesus Christ—one with Him in Spirit. Inside or outside our house, He is with us.
  • Sometimes life was a bit challenging for Mrs. Peter with Jesus in her house. Both friends and not-so-nice snobs were ever present.  

To enjoy Jesus’ presence in your home means giving Him permission to make it His own.

  • Whenever Jesus was in Capernaum, He and his disciples probably stayed in Mrs. Peter’s house. That meant feeding a bunch more men besides her own. Later, a church met in her home.
  • When we go to wherever it is that we live, we walk in that door with our Lord. He wants us to give Him permission to make it His own.

The neighbors enjoying Jesus’ presence (Levi’s house)

  • Levi was on a “get rich quick” path of life as a tax collector for the Romans. He was educated, could write in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, and always carried an inkwell at his waist with some paper for making notes.
  • Tax collectors were so despised that they were not allowed to attend synagogue or to testify in court. Healthy, wealthy Levi was a desperate man. Jesus invited him to be a disciple then Jesus walked home with His new neighbor, Levi.

Jesus’ presence brings a life change.

  • Levi celebrated his new relationship with Jesus by throwing a big party and inviting guys from the office. Jesus came with His disciples and those who followed Him.
  • Levi and his wife and friends needed God’s mercy just like we do. Mercy is God’s amnesty. It’s being pardoned and not getting the judgment or punishment we deserve.
  • We are supposed to allow Jesus to use His presence in our lives and homes to reach those who are in need of God’s mercy.

And, Jesus’ presence brings new purpose.

  • Levi became known by another name, Matthew, meaning, “beloved of God.” And, Matthew had a new way to use his skills as he wrote the gospel of Matthew.
  • Mercy is what Levi and his wife and his friends needed. Jesus offered it to them all—right there in Mrs. Levi’s home.

Homes are central to Jesus’ ministry on earth.

  • In homes, Jesus taught and had discussions with His disciples. He ate with those who loved Him as well as with those who were skeptical of Him. In homes, women sat at His feet, listening to Him teach and tearfully pouring out their hearts to Him.
  • Jesus often told people to go home. He basically said, “Go to the ones with whom you have a relationship and introduce me to them.”

"Relationships determine what we believe. We are talked into talking; we are loved into loving; we are related into believing." (Josh McDowell, Dallas Theological Seminary Commencement, May 2005)

You can enjoy Jesus’ presence in your life and in your home.

Let Jesus satisfy your heart with hope, healing, and love as you get to know Him and trust Him more each day.

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